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Babcock Gifts is a sanctum of luxury nestled in the heart of East Memphis.  With a legacy spanning half a century, we curate an exclusive array of fine china, crystal, glassware, and home décor. From bridal alchemy to expertly wrapped gifts, Babcock Gifts transcends service, crafting indelible chapters of distinction in life's narrative.
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For nearly
50 years...

Since its inception in 1974, this renowned fine china and wedding registry boutique has remained a cherished destination for discerning customers seeking exquisite pieces for their homes and events.
"At Babcock Gifts, we believe that every moment in life, be it a wedding, a special occasion, or the simple joy of giving, deserves to be celebrated in style. Our boutique, stands as a testament to this belief, offering a curated selection of fine china, crystal, glassware, tabletop, home décor, and more.

We are here to ensure that your moments are elevated to moments of enduring elegance and that your celebrations are marked with sophistication. So, as you navigate through and explore our services, know that you're not just a guest; you're an integral part of our legacy.

Thank you for choosing Babcock Gifts. We are here to turn your special moments into cherished memories."
Babcock Gifts & Wedding Registry | Memphis TN | Brooks Terry Proprietor
Brooks Terry
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Originally established as an art gallery in Memphis, TN, Babcock quickly transitioned into the world of gifts.

The current owner, Brooks Terry who took over the reins in 2016, was captivated by the store's rich history and its significance within the community. Recognizing the need to continue this legacy, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to further nurture the business.

The shop's journey has been filled with noteworthy milestones, including a significant move in December 2016. Relocating just one block away to our present location within the Laurelwood Shopping Center proved to be a strategic decision, as it offered a prime spot to cater to the needs of our loyal clientele.


While our history is steeped in tradition, its range of services is tailored to provide modern convenience and a personalized touch.

From wedding registries to occasion registries, customers can curate their desired collection of gifts, encompassing everything from china, crystal, and silver to general merchandise.

For those in close proximity, we even offer complimentary delivery by our dedicated drivers.

Enhancing the customer experience further, Babcock Gifts provides complimentary gift wrapping, ensuring each item radiates a professional and customized look - leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

Additionally, customers can rely on our special order service to fulfill their specific needs, or replacements, with the staff gladly assisting in the ordering, receiving, inspecting, and wrapping of items. We will even add your enclosure cards to the gift.

Commitment to Excellence

When it comes to weddings and other cherished events, every detail matters. Our carefully curated selection of fine china, crystal, glassware, and home décor is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and sophistication.

For weddings, where every element must resonate with the couple's unique style, we ensure that each piece selected carries a touch of timeless beauty. Whether it's fine china that becomes a part of their daily story or crystal glassware that toasts to their future, our offerings are a celebration of their love.

For other special occasions, our commitment ensures that every piece of décor or gift carries an essence of refinement. From exquisite table settings to thoughtful presents, Babcock Gifts brings an extra layer of elegance that enhances the occasion's significance.

With weddings and special moments being cherished milestones, we guarantee that your choices are impeccable, personalized, and worthy of your once-in-a-lifetime events.

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Babcock Gifts & Wedding Registry | Memphis TN | Fine Glassware, Silver & more.
Babcock Gifts & Wedding Registry | Memphis TN | Fine China display
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Unveiling Your Unique Desires

At Babcock Gifts, we understand that exceptional moments deserve exceptional choices. Our special order service allows you to uncover the extraordinary – from sourcing rare collectibles to customizing sets that resonate with your style.

If you're seeking a replacement to complete a cherished set, we're your partner in rekindling memories. Let us turn your visions into reality, ensuring that every detail reflects your individuality.

Custom Inquiries

Our dedicated team of experts is ready to guide you through every query, ensuring personalized recommendations that align with your taste and occasion.

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We understand the irreplaceable value of cherished items. Our unique service extends to sourcing old prints and treasured pieces, ensuring that your memories remain intact.

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