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Beatrice Ball, Jan Barboglio, Annie Glass, Waterford, Anna Weatherly, McCarty Pottery, Vietri, Montes Doggett, Terrafirma, Royal Crown Derby, Skyros Designs, Le Jacquard Linens, Mary Jurek Designs, & more
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Welcome to Babcock Gifts, where your celebration comes to life through curated home décor and accessories. As you step into Jan Barboglio's rustic allure or Annie Glass' timeless elegance, you'll find your space transformed into an intimate haven of beauty. Waterford's crystal vases serve as exquisite focal points, capturing the essence of your occasion with unmatched brilliance. Terrafirma's handcrafted ceramics whisper of authenticity, each piece adding a touch of soulful character to your festivities.

Experience the luxury of Le Jacquard Linens' textures and Beatrice Ball's artistic accents, infusing sophistication into every corner of your celebration. Embrace the charm of Anna Weatherly's porcelain and let Montes Doggett's ceramics become the embodiment of artistry. Discover Royal Crown Derby's intricate pieces and Skyros Designs' timeless appeal, each reflecting the heart and soul of Memphis TN's vibrant spirit. With this many notable designer brands at Babcock Gifts, your event transcends the ordinary, becoming an expression of your unique style, encapsulated in every exquisite detail.

Babcock Gifts, a true treasure trove, offers an unparalleled array of fine china, luxury home goods, décor, candles, and more. Special orders and replacements are effortlessly fulfilled. Expert bridal registry assistance ensures a tailored selection. The warm, cheerful sales team creates a welcoming experience. Complimentary gift wrapping, shipping, and local delivery exemplify their exceptional service. Babcock is a true Memphis gem!
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